Tragwerksplanung engl.


Planning of facade and roof structures

GSK offers services from the first draft, the dimensioning and detailed planning up to the preparation of auditable static certificates for structures in the field of glass and facade. The project sizes range from glass projecting roofs or glass railings to post-and-beam facades or point-held facades and also include special constructions, consisting of filigree rope support structures or even glass carrier elements used for the realisation of highly transparent facades and roof constructions.

Our services include the following:

Development, design and optimisation of constructions

  • Development and design of constructions considering all legal guidelines, production- and fitting-specific features as well as profitability
  • Preparation of detail- and execution planning for glass and special constructions
  • Preparation of the necessary auditable verification documents

Numeric simulation and static proofs

  • Numeric simulation of static, dynamic and thermal problems on glass and facade constructions using the Finite Elements Method (FEM)
  • Statics of mullions for facade and roof support systems
  • Glass statics
  • Numeric simulation of the pendulum impact test with the help of transient dynamic calculations
  • Preparation of the necessary auditable verification documents


  • Development and definition of constructive details
  • Preparation of all documents for the planning process, either as a detailed plan or a execution plan for glass and special constructions

Types of construction

  • Glazing of all kinds
  • Whole-glass constructions
  • Point-held glass facades and roof support structures
  • Post-and-beam-facades and roof constructions