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About us


GSK is an engineering company with special focus on constructive glass and facade building –

handling everything in between the first planning phases to the point of approval of the construction work.


Our office is able to rely on a wealth of experience coming from over 5000 projects with

the emphasis on glass and facade.


Our services have broadened considerably in course of the years and today it reaches from structural analysis of glass and facades up to complete planning of transparent facades and roof support systems.

Our ten-headed team can refer on professional competence in fields of planning support systems,

building physics, glass application techniques, as well as development and construction.


The team’s work is supported by an office management system, which is optimized by a modern communication structure

GSK offers support to architects and planners, facade and glass builders. As a specialized

Engineering company, we can offer support ranging from the first drafts of a glass construction

to the phase of approval and realization of planning up to the guidance and supervision of

building constructions.


Specific norms of the country or area and the respective boards of construction as well

as necessary inspection of building components will find as much attention during design

and construction, as statics, building-physical and economic concerns.

Our goal is to achieve the best implementation possible of all requirements, preserving the

functionality and adhering the given security standards.

GSK – Glas Statik Konstruktion GmbH

Tiberstrasse 21
48249 Dülmen

Fon: +49(0)2594 – 89 39 50